No search function within Audacity Manual??

Is doing a web search the only way to go to a particular subject within the manual – say, “Normalize” or “Silence Finder”? There doesn’t seem to be a search facility within Help → Manual. Thanks.

We don’t have a PDF Manual but if we did, any search for non-contiguous words would have to go online rather than being local.

I think we may have search of the released Manual within the next release or two, but meantime bookmark:

delete audio site:

replacing “delete audio” with what you want to search for.

There is an “Index” to the Manual which provides some sort of local search but no-one is working on completing or maintaining it: Audacity Manual.


The first page of the manual provides links to many of the most important features. For example:

  • if you hover your mouse pointer over the picture of the Audacity interface, the name of that part of the interface will pop up, and clicking will take you to the relevant section of the manual.
  • In the left hand column is a brief “contents” list, so, for example, if you want to look up a particular effect, click on “Effects” in the contents list.
  • There is a link to “Frequently Asked Question” near the top of the page.

It is worth spending a bit of time familiarising yourself with that first page as it is often the quickest way to find the part that you need.