The noise sample button worked the first few times I used noise reduction and the sampling could be seen on a progress bar. Now the sample is not takeing place and I think I am using an old sample on new recordings with degraded affect. I am running Vista and recording cassette tapes. I have some tape machine hum and tape hiss to remove. Although there may be other ways to do this I would like to master noise reduction effect first. THANKS.

What makes you think that?

I think that because there is no visual cue that sampling is taking place and the noise reduction on the lead in to the songs is not as good as it was during the first recordings. I have selected long and short sampling zones and still do not get a progress bar to sow that sampling is takeing place. Maybe you are telling me that the sampling bar is not always shown?? Thanks for your feedback.

That’s right. Usually the “Get Noise Profile” step is so quick that Audacity does not show a progress bar.

It will probably be worth you watching out for the next Audacity release as there have been some significant improvements made to the effect since 1.3.12 was released.

I will look for the next release but you cleared up a concern. I may have to get more agressive on the sliders. I throughly enjoy Audacity and am amazed at the versatility of this A to D program. Thanks again and king regards.