no recording

This seems very basic but I have just got a cassette to MP3 converter I use Mac OS 10.14 and I am getting a single line when recording - no recognition - I have followed all the FAQ’s and tips - all volume levels are correctly set and the device settings are as suggested in the manual - I would appreciate any ideas as to how I can get this to work. Thanks

Have you tried the steps on this page?

I have a suspicion your cassette will show up as a “PnP Audio Device”. Yes? What is the brand name of the cassette?

– Bill

Hi Bill,

I’m someone else who has the same problem as “flowerpainter”. My cassette deck is “Dansure” and I only have the “PnP Audio Device” not CODEC option. Also, within Audio MIDI Setup on my Mac I cannot change the sampling rate to 44100 in Audio Devices; I only have 48000 as an option. I looked through the link you sent “flowerpainter”. I get input but cannot get the transport bar to function (It’s not illuminated).

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

What do you mean by a “non-illuminated transport bar”.

When you click on the Recording meter while playing a cassette, do the meters move?

– Bill