No Recording Windows 7

I am trying to record from a USB turntable but cannot get any recording. I have tried the sound adjustment mentioned in a previous posting but it made no difference. If I load an MP3 track from my computer it works fine.,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD


I have tried the instructions but have not had any success, that was why I posted the question on the forum.

So how can we help you?

We can’t see your set-up and we can’t see what you are doing, so we have no idea what you might be doing wrong unless you tell us exactly what you are doing, with what equipment and what the problem is.

Exit Audacity.
Connect the turntable to the computer and switch it on.
Launch Audacity.
In Device Toolbar, choose USB Audio CODEC (or similar) for input and your computer sound card for output.
Press Transport > Software Playthrough so that it is ticked, then you can hear while you are recording.

If the turntable is not visible as an input in Device Toolbar, see here: .