No Recording, only flat blue line

new user to Audacity. I have set up the software and play a tape, hit the record button and get a continuous flat blue line (no sound waves). I followed all the set up instructions but cant figure this out. set up environment and t-shooting below

Windows 7
Audacity version 2.0.5
Audio Preferences

  • Host - MME
  • Playback - Speakers (Conexant 20671 SmartA) (I have tried the other option also)
  • Recording
  • Device Microphone Array (2-USB PnP Audacity)
  • Channels 2 (Stereo)
    Project Rate 44100 (Hz)
    Audacity USB Device working in Device Settings
    Tapes play audio via battery and headphones
    Tried 3 different USB ports

Thanks in advance for any help

This is a generic thing we wrote on how to transfer work to the computer. Follow the links to the appropriate section.