no recording of sound after one export


I downloaded the audocity from the respective site and also installed lame installer as i want to convert to other formats, the songs i am recording thro audocity. i could save one song but after that no recording of sound, eventhough i press the record buttion, I am having windows xp


There is a section of the edit window that has a picture of a microphone. That’s the Device Toolbar for recording. Make sure you’re recording from your microphone or whatever your show is and the setting didn’t get changed by accident.

Lame software only lets you save MP3 music files. That’s all it does. The FFMpeg software is the one that allows many more different sound formats.

i could save one song

Did you Save one song, or did you Export one? Save will make an Audacity Project file, not a sound file. Other music players will not know how to play a Project. File > Export > WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM.

You can get into trouble with your computer if you use Skype conferencing software. Sometimes Skype will change sound settings.



Kozikowski reply is laudable and I looked at the edit settings and then checked sound and display icon at the computer tray. I found that the settings have changed to line in instead of mic in. I changed that to mic in by selecting the selection box. Now i could record the songs. Wow, thanks for the quick reply. That is when I checked the audio in my computer with test hardware provided by the microsoft, it shows the line in when the mic is plugged. Thanks for the reply and the software. it is a fantastic experience of joyful and buoyance recordings