No recording from USB microphone pre-amp

I have purchased a Behringer C-3, and I have an Edirol UA-25 ex Preamp, plugged into a USB port. When I plug in my Sennheiser headphones to the Edirol, This is on a Windows 7 64 bit system. I can hear input from the microphone, albeit not too loud. When I attempt to record in Audacity, I see no vu meter movement, and no sound records. I have configured the device in control panel, sounds, to be my default input and output. I also see no levels in the Control Panel VU meter. I have the latest edirol ua-25 ex drivers installed onto the PC.
Bottom line, is there some trick that I need to do for Audacity and Windows 7 to see this? I know that Windows sees the edirol, because the option is there in the Control Panel. I am using the edirol as the default output, so I have some Behringer monitors plugged into it, and they are working fine.I have chosen the UA 25 ex in Audacity, but I still can’t record.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks so very much in advance!

You posted your question on the end of an old topic that was discussing the relative merits of different voice recording equipment. It was never going to get answered there so I’ve split it to a new topic and given it a relevant subject title.

Recording from a USB pre-amp is pretty much the same as recording from other USB devices.
Connect the pre-amp and switch it on before you open Audacity. If Audacity is already open you will need to either restart Audacity or select “Rescan Audio Devices” from the “Transport” menu so that Audacity can see the new audio device.

Set the recording level on the pre-amp so that the signal level is a little below “peak” (see your pre-amp instruction manual for details).

Set the recording input in Audacity to the USB option (if there is more than one USB option you will need to work out which one is the microphone pre-amp).
To select the recording input, use the Device Toolbar:

You may also find this tutorial about USB devices useful: