No record or playback level slider

I updated to Audacity 3.2.1 and both record and playback level sliders disappeared. Audacity is useless to me without them. Any way to get them back? Meters for recording and playback are showing as well as device setups.

Running Windows 10 Pro.

The sliders are now superimposed over the top of the recording / playback meters.

Thanks, Steve. That works, although I can’t help but wonder why the change was made. The past slider setup was completely obvious even to new users. This one isn’t.

I guess that’s what happens when a graphic designer is put in charge of developing an audio app :confused:

Note that you’re not a new user, so you expected it to be in a different place. Having sliders inside or right next to meters is a very common thing across DAWs - and also is what Windows has been doing for a long time now.