no record from in laptop audio

im trying to chop mix edit 3 songs into a 3 min songs for a dance that my friend wanted to mix for her.
im using dj zulu software to mix fade in and out from the 3 songs. but when i try to use audacity to record what im mixing, audacity doesnt pick up the audio that im record. im not using any kind of mics. i tryed taking the stereo in mono in options but nothing. im doing on my laptop. ive done this on a desktop no problem. but im having that problem with my laptop

That’s “Recording audio playing on the computer.” Your software doesn’t let you export or save a sound file?

The Line-Out (headphone) connection on a Windows laptop tends to not match the Mic-In. They’re not mirrors of each other. On a desktop machine, you can get Line-In and Line-Out and use those as a desperation move. Anyway, see if any of this works.

Some newer Windows laptops will not allow you to record yourself. For them, you need extra software such as Total Recorder.


It might be easier to just mix it on Audacity rather than wrestling with “Stereo Mix” recording.