no real bass sound when recording

hi im using windows 8 im tryin to record but when i go the listen it sounds like in a small room no bass im using a jack plug into the recording plug from my mixer worked on my last laptop but not this one ive tried most things but not used audacity b4i just want it to sound same as when i play it

You may need to turn off Windows Enhance Services.

If that didn’t help, your new computer may not have a stereo Line-In. Newer Windows laptops don’t. If your only connections are Mic-In and Headphone-Out…

…then you may need a good quality stereo USB adapter such as the UCA-202.

That also gives you the ability to do perfect overdubbing and sound-on-sound. That’s one of the devices we reviewed in our overdubbing tutorial.

As a general rule, you can’t plug a mixer into a Mic-In.