no R-channel when recording in stereo [SOLVED]


I’m trying to transfer a record to my computer using an ART Phono Plus USB, with Audacity 2.0.3. In Audacity I’m hearing the Left channel-only, yet it shows audio on both channels on the timeline so at first glance it looks like it’s recording in stereo (and that should prove I have the input set to “2” [stereo] in Audacity). How do I know I’m hearing only the Left channel? this particular record has the drums in the Left channel and the guitar and keyboard in the Right, and I’m only hearing the drums. When I monitor the headphone output on the ART, I can hear both channels so I know the L/R outputs of the turntable is fine, and that would also prove the ART is getting both channels on the input. So when I unplug the Left rca at the ART (which is the output of the turntable going into the ART), I lose all sound.

I’m running the ART to my computer via USB, so let’s a.s.s.u.m.e. the ART USB output is fine. Could this be a driver fault? Or is the fact that I’m getting sound on both channels even though the main audio source is the Left channel causing my problem?

In Audacity, when I click on the Down-arrow next to the “Audio Track” the “Mono, Left Channel” is checked and it’s not highlighted, unless I select “Split Stereo Track” or “Make Stereo Track”, but it thinks it’s already a stereo track.

Even if the Right input channel was dead on the ART, and even though I have Audacity set to stereo, shouldn’t I only get sound from the Left channel/speaker?

But the main problem here is the Right channel is not being recorded from the original audio source.

I’m running Windows 7 64bit. Scarlett 18i6 Focusrite soundcard, ART USB Phono Plus computer interface.

Please help! Thank you,


Check that Windows is set to record 2 channel stereo in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

Yes, it’s set to “2-channel 16b 44k”

I got it now. When I checked Windows/Control Panel/Sound, I clicked on the wrong device at first. That was set to 2 channel, but the actual recording device was set to 1 channel.

Thank you and sorry,