No Project Menu to Import Audio

I have a spoken audio track which is fine.
I am trying to add background music and from what I have read I need to import the audio through the project menu.
The problem there is I don’t have project menu on my version of audacity.
I deleted my old version of audacity and upgraded to the newest version and still didn’t have a project menu

Thanks for anyone’s help

from what I have read


If you already have a music track as WAV or MP3, File > Import should work just fine. That will give you two tracks, one with your voice and the other with the music on. They should play at once and you can tune each one for proper mix.

Audacity will smash both tracks together into one show when you export.


That’ll do nicely
Thanks a lot

The Project Menu was last in Audacity 1.3.0 if I recall correctly, so your were reading old documentation.

If the documentation was on one of our sites, please post the web address and we will update it if it is meant to be current documentation.