No plugin folder on new Audacity install

I’m a Windows tech, supporting a non-tech friend. She just got a new Mac (OS X 10.13.6). When she downloaded Audacity 2.2.2 and installed it, she needed to install 2 plugins, the LAME plugin and Chris’ Dynamic Compressor plugin.

She was able to install the LAME plugin, but the Dynamic Compressor plugin wants to be installed in the Audacity “plugins” folder, which on a Mac it says should be Applications/Audacity/plugins. There is no plugins folder under Applications/Audacity/. On her old Mac, the compress.ny folder is working in Audacity 2.2.2, but she can’t find the file, and there’s no plugins folder for Audacity there either.

Can we just create a plugins folder in the correct location, and if so should we call it plugins or plug-ins? If not, where should we put the compress.ny file on this configuration?

The Plug-ins folder is in ~/Library/Application Support/audacity. If it’s not there you can create it in there.

Where did you see the information that the plugin should be installed in Applications/Audacity/plugins?

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– Bill