No plug ins are showing their graphical interface

I am using Audacity 2.0.3 with OSX 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro (2.53 Ghz Intel Core i5).

Even though I have ticked the ‘Display effects in graphical mode’ checkboxes in Preferences, none of my Waves plug-ins are showing their custom interfaces. They all appear as standard Apple dialog boxes.

This was the case for me in Audacity 1.31.1 too, whether or not I used the VST bridge. I was hoping 2.0.3 would solve it.

Please help!

I think it’s still true that Audacity doesn’t support “foreign” graphics or control panels.
Yes, this does restrict the fancier filters and effects. Koz

Where do its limits lie?
I’ve seen screenshots of it displaying other graphical interfaces. How does it determine ‘fancy’?

Also, I’m not sure why but each Waves plugin appears twice in the effects menu, one appended with (s) and one with (m). What does this mean?

Audacity does not properly support Waves plug-ins. Most versions of Waves cause Audacity to freeze or crash, especially the Audio Units versions. What version of Waves do you have? Does that version of Waves display GUI in other VST hosts?

If Waves tells Audacity that it is a GUI plug-in in some non-standard way, or presents the GUI in some non-standard way, Audacity won’t be able to understand it so will go back to text display.

Mono and stereo? Have you read the Waves documentation?


Version 8.
They work in Garage Band ok, with their custom interfaces (and only one menu item per plugin).
I’ve got them to sort of work in Audacity, just without the interface which limits their functionality somewhat, but they don’t cause it to crash.

I’d use Garage Band but it doesn’t handle 48khz. :frowning:

Thanks for the details of Waves VST.

I added the details here .