No Playback


I’m using Windows 8 with Audacity 2.0.5 I obtained from the official website with the .exe installer.

My problem is with playback. Everything records ok but when I go to play back the green curser just blinks and does not move. I’ve tried moving the curser through the recording at different places and still the same. No movement or playback. I even deleated Audacity and re-installed it but the problem remains. I’ve never had the problem before. It always played back. I was playing with the mute and solo buttons just before the problem came up so I must have clicked something I shouldn’t have but I don’t know what!

Any help to get playback working would be appreciated!


Reinstall Audacity with “Reset Preferences” enabled half way though the installer. Otherwise, this does not rest the Audacity settings.

Then if necessary, you could try fully shutting down then rebooting the the computer (not a “restart”). However you may have “hybrid boot” turned on. This is a Windows 8 feature that saves the driver and kernel states to disk, whereas it is important that you reinitialise those.

So follow these steps to disable hybrid boot before you shut down. Alternatively if you have Windows 8.1, you can instead hold the Windows key and press X, then choose “Shut Down”. This will force a clean boot rather than a hybrid boot.