No Playback

Hi, there! I’m new to Audacity. I’m using Windows XP, Audacity 2.0.5, and used the .exe installer.

My problem is that Audacity won’t play back recordings all of a sudden. The horizontal line doesn’t even move, just flickers at the left of the path. I don’t think I’ve changed anything since it worked a few days ago, but I even uninstalled then reinstalled just in case, and it still won’t playback. Audio works in all other aspects (iTunes, internet). What have I done wrong?

Reboot the computer, especially if you are using a USB device for playback.

You can also reinstall Audacity and ensure you check (tick) the “Reset Preferences” option. There is almost no point reinstalling to fix problems unless you reset preferences.


That did it! Thanks a ton! I didn’t check ‘reset preferences’.

It’s happening again. I was happily recording, filtering, going about my business. Got up to refresh my coffee, came back, BAM no playback again. reinstalled a couple of times (checking ‘restore defaults’), no dice. WHY

Please try rebooting the computer. XP is very old.

Exactly what playback device are you using? Are its drivers the latest ones you can get for Windows XP?