No PlayBack


I’ve been trying to record a song , converted to MP3 , onto a Rewritable DVD. When I play it back on my computer it works fine , but when I try to play it back on our Hi-Fi , wich supports MP3 , it does not want to play.

Does your Hi-Fi support rewritable DVDs? Have you tried writing the MP3s to an ordinary CD-R?


I’ll have a look into that.



I burnt the same MP3 onto a normal disc and it is working, so I suppose the HI-FI does not support Rewritable DVD’s. Stupid question : Do you get normal rewritable disc’s, and if you do , do you think I might end up with the same problem?

You can get rewritable CDs. They are called “CD-RW”.
CD-RW are not always supported by CD players even if the player can play CD-Rs.
The manual/specification on CD and DVD players will usually say what types of disks are supported - otherwise it’s a case of trying one and see if it works.

Note that you should not try a data CD on a CD player that does not support data CDs as it may damage the player (not very likely, but possible).