No playback with WAV file [SOLVED]

I have Windows 7 Professional, with Audacity version 2.1.0, I am running my sound via Presonus Audiobox USB.
When I opened a WAV file in Audacity there was no sound when clicking on the playback button.
I then closed Audacity.
I checked and modified my computer’s sound environment (the Audiobox settings were incorrect).
I then opened an unrelated separate WAV file and it played back without any problems (in Windows).
Went back to Audacity and opened a WAV file which now played back correctly.
I then combined two WAV files in Audacity.
At this point the playback in Audacity worked correctly, the two WAV files played correctly… I had timeshifted the 2nd added tracks so it would follow the 1st WAV tracks.
I exported a new WAV file (this combined the 4 Audacity tracks (stereo) into 2 tracks) and it played correctly.
I exited Audacity.
I then opened the newly created WAV file in Audacity.
Again no sound with this new WAV file so I closed that file and opened one of the original WAV files.
That original WAV file had no sound in Audacity, the settings for my Audiobox were fine, that original WAV file did playback in the Windows environment.
Have you any ideas what the problem may be?

Just realized that the speaker setting in Audacity was incorrect.
Pointed to the correct setting and am getting sound.
Sorry for the trouble.
No need to respond.

Do you have blue waves and do the playback sound meters jump when you play the work? If so, then Audacity is actually playing the work and it’s getting lost in the Windows environment or the Audacity/Windows interface.

Do you have something else that uses sound like Skype or Games? Both of those can be vicious about not sharing sound. Live Chat?


Glad we could help.