NO PLAYBACK with i-tunes track

NO PLAYBACK with audio track from i-tunes.

When I import an audio track from i-tunes, I can’t play it back. When I press the “play” button, I get a blip. I can, however, play back recordings from a microphone. What am I missing?

You are almost certainly trying to import a file type that Audacity does not support (from iTunes it is most likely to be AAC - and to have digital rights management (DRM) appplied to prevent copying). Audacity Supports WAV, MP3, OGG and FLAC & MP2 in 1.3.

If this is the case you have two basic options:

  1. find and use some converter software to convert your file to a type that Audacity supports

  2. play the file in any music software that supports that particular file format and record it in Audacity.


Thank you waxcylinder and stevethefiddle. Your suggestions were excellent. I was able to convert my files to WAV and MP3 formats and they played beautifully. However, these tracks were generated from CD and DVD recordings. I was not successful in converting tracks from i-tunes.

Thanks again.


itunes tracks are in AAC format which Audacity doesn’t understand. In addition, purchased tracks have FairPlay copy protection applied to them which makes it very difficult to “borrow” the music.

You posted in a forum where we discuss the size of the forum fonts and the colors of the backgrounds, not Audacity problems. Those go in the forum dedicated to your machine and Audacity version.