No playback sound when USB plugged in[SOLVED]

I get playback sound fine when the digital interface USB is not plugged in. I can record but cannot hear my previously recorded track while trying to record the next track. I did okay last night, but today it’s got me baffled. I use a Tascam interface and a 5 channel mixer. Any help?

When you plug a recording USB device into Windows, chances are Windows will also try to play to the same device. This does not work well when the device is a microphone. Change in Audacity Preferences, Devices. Also plug the device into Windows first, then launch Audacity, not the other way around.


Also see this FAQ from the manual:


Thanks for the direction! After I posted my question last night, I went back to recording and started messing around. I changed the speakers and audio host from Windows to the alternative and then got sound. I appreciate your help.