No playback sound! Need Help please.

I installed 1.3.13 on my pc. It uses a Vista OS I can see by the meters that the program is recording from any of my devices but it will not playback in Audacity. I have recorded music and switched it to WAV and played it back using Windows Media Player, so I know I’m partially there. However, it would be nice to be able to use Audacity the way it should be. Any suggestions to how to adjust the program or my PC would be appreciated.

What are you recording from? Is it a USB device by any chance?


Yes I’m recording from a USB device. My sound card is a Realtek. I cannot hear the device whether I’m recording or just trying to play it back off of Audacity, but like I noted before I can record off the device and once export it as a WAV file can play it back on Media Player.

I have the same problem…