No playback sound from imported mp3 files

Running Windows XP and Audacity 2.0.5 which was installed from the .exe installer. I’ve read the FAQ and other posts but have had no success getting sound during playback of imported mp3 files. The sound card is Sigma Tel. The files will play in WinAmp and any other player but not in Audacity.

When you play them, do you get the bouncing sound meter and blue waves?

Sometimes, it’s a little rough to get across the difference between “it’s not playing” and “I can’t hear it.” They’re different. If the only thing that happens is you can’t hear it, then Audacity may be playing the music out to the wrong place or device.

Where are your speakers or headphones connected? Regular soundcard? USB mixer? Special speaker systems? The Windows systems tend to be a little of a mystery to me.


Hmmm, no sound meter and blue waves. Just the progress line progressing across the scale.

If the imported MP3 just shows a flat blue line and not tall blue waves, Edit > Preferences, choose “Directories” on the left, then in that section, make sure you choose a directory for the Audacity temporary files that has plenty of disk space and that you have permission to write there (for example, choose your Users folder). Click all the OK’s then restart Audacity.

You can also reinstall Audacity, making sure that you choose the option to “Reset Preferences” half way through the installer. Confirm the reset when you start Audacity. The reset should also solve any problem there may be with the Directories Preferences. See here for more help Audacity Manual .