No Output with SPDIF

Though this seems to have been discussed ad nauseam, I still can’t resolve this problem.
Occasionally when trying to playback to my Stereo Receiver the SPDIF output won’t play. I have an EVGA NU Audio card. I would seem that the problem originally was linked to the bitrate capabilities of the NAD Amp but then recently even if I selected 16/44.1 I got nothing. Then I accidentally found an output setting of ‘Livingroom Headphones BT’. This seems to pass the sound to the amp but at a 6 to 9 dB loss. On top of that, this only seems to happen on certain sites and is not even consistent on those sites. Some are Vimeo lectures, and some are Youtube videos of those same lectures. I am wondering if this could be a missing audio codec or something like that. I am at a total loss.

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