No option for Stereo ?

Hi All,
New here: Running the latest Audacity on Mojave 10.14.6

This is a new problem.

I am not able to set audacity preferences for stereo files, only mono is available in the device preferences. I am trying to edit an mp3, not trying to record in.

This hasn’t happened before. Please suggest what I might try?
I’ve tried device preferences, I’ve tried mac audio preferences… no option/ drop down for 2 channel, only option is 1 channel. thanks, J

Which version?

Which setting do you mean?
Do you mean the number of recording channels in “Preferences > Devices”? If so, then that only affect the number of channels when recording.

Hi Steve,

Running version 2.4.2

I am not recording, but trying to open a stereo mp3 file.

When you open a stereo file you should see two waveforms (left on the top and & right on the bottom).

If you only see one wave the original MP3 is mono. A true-mono file will play out of both speakers.

Or, it’s possible to have a stereo file with silence on one side. In that case, you’ll get one wave and one flat-line.

Or, it’s possible to have a “dual mono” file where the left & right tracks are identical. That can happen if you rip a “mono” CD because all audio CDs are 2-channels.