No MP3 or WAV Option Under File


I have downloaded Lame to my computer for Windows (Vista) and when I click file to save my project as MP3 or WAV there are no options there whatsoever?!

Could anybody advise if there is anything I can do as I have gone into the library to locate Lame for Audacity but it still does not have those options.

I have also watched countless Youtube vids which show how to locate Lame but they always have an MP3 or WAV link at the end of it and I dont. I have checked that Lame is on my computer and it is under Lame For Audacity and I have also checked it is in Programs.

If anybody can shed any light on this I will be very grateful!

Many thanks

Please download Audacity only from us: You can get the current Audacity 2.0.6 from that link.

Audacity does not publish YouTube videos and cannot control what you see in them. YouTube videos usually don’t say what version of Audacity they refer to, and may be many versions out of date. I suspect you have a 2.0.x version of Audacity and are looking at videos for a 1.2.x version of Audacity.

When you have 2.0.6, use File > Export Audio… and choose the export format in the window that appears. This page in the Audacity Manual describes that window: Please browse the rest of that Manual to learn about Audacity 2.0.6.


Hi Gale,

Many thanks for your reply, I will go through the manual.