No More Track Display!

Hi, I’m running audacity 2.0 on windows 7, 32. I’ve had no problems like this ever with audacity until this morning, when I opened up my most recent project and, though the tracks were still organized and present, the display is completely blank. Thus, it looks like I have a bunch of empty tracks in my project. When I press play the tracks play through but it looks like the scrolling line is stuck at the beginning of the track. I initially was having this problem on 1.3 so I updated to 2.0 and found the same problem. My other projects seem okay and I can still record audio on a new file as usual. What’s going on here?

Update: I discovered that I can copy the undisplayed tracks to a new project and am able to see them and play through as normal. So the problem is limited to that file in particular, as if some of the data is corrupted. I wonder what might cause this seemingly spontaneous error and am still curious if there is a way of preventing it.