No monitoring in headphones when recording

I apologise in advance if this has been answered before. I have done a search but cannot find my specific set of circumstances.
I am recording vocals through a RODE USB mic into a Dell Inspiron laptop, and listening through Sennheiser phones through the headphone port on the laptop.
The problem is that when I am recording the vocal, I can hear the track perfectly, but absolutely no monitoring of my vocal input in the headphones.
I have tried all sorts of changes to the settings but nothing seems to help.
Any ideas?

Does your microphone have a headphone jack? Some USB mics do and you can avoid going through the computer which adds latency (delay). And you should be able to hear the backing track also.

You can turn-on Audible input monitoring, but if you get too much latency it may be unusable.

Yes it does. I’ll give that a go. Thx

Out of interest, how do I hear the original track that I’m recording on to? I cant see any way that the signal gets to the mic or is that something in the settings?

Oh my God… I’ve done it. It’s so simple!!!
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction