No modules in Audacity 2.3.3 on Ubuntu


I recently upgraded from 2.1.x with the hope of using mod-script-pipe, but it doesn’t seem to be bundled with the Ubuntu package as advertised. No modules show up in Preferences, and it seems that the package install doesn’t create the ~/.audacity-files dir.

The build process seems tractable (thanks to other posts here) but I thought I’d ask first… Have I missed something in the package installer that would make this work?


I think the only way we can get this fixed is if lots of Linux users write to the package maintainers of Audacity, and ask them to include mod-script-pipe in the Audacity package. The Audacity team provides the code and the build instructions, but it is the Linux distributions that build the installable packages.

For Ubuntu, there are instructions here for reporting bugs: Report a problem in Ubuntu

Building Audacity is generally straightforward on Linux, but start a new topic in the “Compiling” section of this forum if you have problems: Compiling Audacity - Audacity Forum

Ah, I see. Sounds like I should submit something to the Ubuntu team, but then build my own anyway.

Thanks for the help!