no microphone access

Does anyone know why audacity will not request microphone access in the privacy settings on my mac mini. I’ve been battling this for a week and am confident this is the issue why I can’t record with my mixer attached. I can use the mixer everywhere successfully except in audacity, and if I could get audacity to request access in the privacy settings I’m sure this would solve the issue. I am running mojave OS.

Thank you,

I am running Mac OS 10.14.6 and audacity version 2.3.0

I can use the mixer everywhere successfully except in audacity

Such as? If the mixer works in other apps, It may not be a permissions issue. Do you have Audacity set to mono and the mixer is stereo? That’s a traditional way to get the two to ignore each other.

Does the mixer appear in Apple (upper left) > Preferences > Sound > Input? Does the blue ball bouncing sound meter work when you play something? It’s good to get the basics down before you go straight for the more exotic possibilities.

What is the name of the mixer in Preferences? The USB name of a device only sometimes reflects the maker’s name. My Behringer stereo interface appears as "USB Audio CODEC."

It’s kind of too bad you’re on a Mini. They don’t have built-in microphones to test with.

Can you play Audacity and hear it through the Mini’s built-in speaker or headphone jack?