No mic signal via Firewire

Hey friends,

Help me out please. Running the lastest version of Audacity on my Mac 10.9.5 Mavericks system. Mac Mini, 16 gigs ram, 2TB drive.

I cannot get a mic signal into Audacity. My interface is Onyx Firewire through a Mackie 1640i firewire mixer. The Firewire interface and mic input signal work perfectly for Pro Tools, which I use also. I also get a good input signal and record to Audacity from my browser when I play music vids on YouTube, and I can use all other functions of Audacity including playing wav and MP3 files, editing, saving, exporting, importing.

I have meticulously checked all preferences, and my Mackie Onyx 1640i interface shows up and is selected in preferences for both playback, and recording. All other preferences appear correct, including the Mac audio preferences. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity, rebooted the Mac and run Audacity without any other programs running.

Why can’t I get a mic signal via Firewire into Audacity?



I also get a good input signal and record to Audacity from my browser when I play music vids on YouTube

I think that’s the problem right there. You should not be able to do that. Recording from a browser requires special software or drivers. Sometimes those drivers will not let you record normally.

What does it say in the Audacity Recording Toolbar? In some cases recording will die if Stereo/Mono is set wrong.

This is the analog stereo connection on the back of my Mini.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 18.31.20.png
I don’t know what a FireWire connection looks like (they’re named wacky), but if you disconnect it and restart Audacity, the connection should vanish.


My entire audio path is via Firewire, specifically Onyx firewire software provided by Mackie with my Mackie 1640i mixing board. Onyx shows up in preferences both for input, and output. Everything works fine using Pro Tools, but can’t get a mic signal to show up on Audacity.

According to the Mackie 1640i manual:

Mac OS X contains built-in drivers, so no software
installation is required.

Is that software specifically for Pro Tools?