No mic input[SOLVED]

Windows 8,AUDACITY 2.02
Will no longer record with mic input. Mic is working as I use it all the time with NCH “Precision
Pitch Musical Instrument Tuning”. Mic is Webcam.
However,another NCH program 'Soundtap Streaming Audio" no longer accepts mic input.
Both programs worked fine for several weeks until I attempted to try input from another mic
via USB.
Then Audacity worked with webcam mic while Soundtap would not.Shortly after,both stopped
accepting webcam mic input.
Everything works with internal input.

For programs that cannot choose their audio input, you will need to go to “Sound” in Windows and choose which of your mics you want to be system default (right-click over a device to make it default). Programs that cannot choose their input will then use that default device.

Audacity will use that default device if you choose “Microsoft SoundMapper - input” or “Primary Sound Capture Driver” in Audacity Device Toolbar . You can also choose the device you want explicitly in that drop-down menu, even if it is not Windows default recording device at the time.


Thank you ,Gale.
OK now.