no mic input after upgrade

Hi, Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have a new show I have to record by Thursday night!!

I’ve used audacity for years. Last night I upgraded to the newest version for my mac running OS Mojave 10.14 with audacity 2.3.0. and when I restarted audacity and set all the same settings…nothing is recording through my samson c01u mic.

Here’s what i’ve done and checked so far:

It doesn’t need drivers. (per samson itself…I called their tech line…they don’t know why it’s not working)
I unpluggged and replugged it to the cpu.
I turned off and on audacity
the green light on the mic is on
all my connections are tight
the audio host is core
the recording device is samson
recording channels are stereo
the playback is eqmac2 2.2
recording volume is 1.00
playback volume is 1.00

I can drag and drop in a music file and editing and playback of that are fine. Just nothing is recording through the mic once I did the upgrade.

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks! Michael

Thanks to Steve for posting a replay that worked like a charm! Thanks Steve for pointing out its a security and Privacy setting box that needs to be checked to allow the mic to work properly in mojave!!!