No Menu [SOLVED]

I have used Audacity a good deal on Windows XP and Kubuntu. I am trying out the latest Ubuntu from a USB stick.

I have successfully recorded some music and played it back, using the transport buttons. However I do not see the Menu which would enable me to save or edit the file. Strange!

If you’re using the default “Unity” Desktop, the main menu (for most programs including Audacity) is at the top of the screen, not attached to the main program window. If I recall correctly, you may need to move your mouse to the top of the screen to make the menu appear.
If you prefer a more “conventional” Desktop experience, you could use Ubuntu with “Gnome Classic” ( or use Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu but without many of the more “controversial” Ubuntu features)

Many thanks, Steve, you were right. I knew it had to be something as simple as that, and as I sometimes also use my wife’s iMac, which uses a similar system, should perhaps have guessed.