No macro-output folder

When applying macros to a project, the macro-output folder does not get created anymore, meaning the file just gets overwritten.

Which version of Audacity?
What’s in your Macro?

Sorry, forgot to post more details. I’m using Audacity Here’s the macro code:

ChangeTempo:Percentage="50" SBSMS="0"

The “macro-ouput” folder is only created when you select the option to:
Apply Macro to: [Files]

Additional information:

On 2.4.2 Audacity used to create a folder when you apply a macro via Tools > Apply macro.

Yes, you can do it that way in both Audacity 2.4.2 and Audacity 3.0.0.
(I usually keep the Macro Palette open when I’m using a lot of macros, so I’ve just tested doing it your way in Audacity 2.4.2 and Audacity 3.0.0 and it’s the same in both cases)

I tested it and it did not create the folder because the imported file was already in a folder called “macro-output”. Is this intentional?

Forgot to mention that it used to create a folder even when the imported file was already in “macro-output”.

There are two issues here.

  1. In 2.4.2 and in 3.0.0, applying a macro (that contains an Import step and and Export step) creates a macro-output folder in the source folder. It doesn’t matter if you use the Manage Macros dialog or the Macros Palette or use Tools > Apply Macro. If you change the file path in the Import step then a new macro-output folder is created in the new source folder, even within a macro-output folder.

  2. In 3.0.0 subsequent runs of a macro that contains an Import and Export step will not create a new macro-output folder when the file path in the Import step is changed to a different folder. It will use the first-created macro-output folder during that run of Audacity. Quitting and re-launching Audacity will cause the macro to create a new macro-output folder in the new source directory (if it does not already exist), but, again, subsequent runs of the macro (with a different source folder) will not create a new macro-output folder in the new source folder.

@Manjel: is issue 2 what you’re seeing?

– Bill

Ah ha. I thought there must be some missing details.

I can reproduce the problem by first running the macro with:

Import2:Filename="<some location>/audiofile"

and then again with:

Import2:Filename="<some location>/New Folder/audiofile"

Is that what you are doing?

Basically yes. But if you were to use the code

Import2:Filename="<some location>/<macro-output>/audiofile"

it does not create a new macro-output folder at the import location, even if it is the first time you apply the macro. Instead it just overwrites the file that is located at “/”

Any chance a fix will make it into the next release?

A solution for this issue will be included in 3.0.1 release of Audacity, which is currently scheduled for the end of this month.

There is an 3.0.1 RC01 release candidate available for testing here: Audacity devel download latest version

Please do not use this release candidate with any production work.

The developers are still studying this issue (as recently as today) and may be making further changes, but not likely before 3.0.1 is released. See here:

Thank you for your input.

Thanks for the heads up! I saw the discussion about changing how files get exported. Hope the system doesn’t get changed, as I made a script that relies on the old method.

The Macros processing has changed slightly - in 3.0.2 the macro-output folder goes to a location specified in Directories Preferences.

The defaults are
a) …\Documents\Audacity on Windows
b) …\Documents on Mac

But since you can change this in Directories prefs all you should need to do to get your existing script to work would be to change the setting for Macro output in Directories prefs to be the location where your files are to be processed from.

See this section from the alpha Manual for the upcoming 3.0.2 release:


See this post for a work-around to get the legacy behaviour (macro-output folder is created in the source folder) back.

– Bill

Thank you!