No luck recording vinyl

Hello all,

Argh, I am frustrated. I am using Windows 7 with audacity 2.0.5 dowloaded in zip format. I am using a Pro-Ject USB II phono box, and just can’t get any sound recorded. I have the microphone set to the appropriate box, but record nothing but hisses, etc. when I try. When I check the levels, they bounce around, so I assume something is going through. But, on play back, just the same thing everytime.

I am not the tech savvy, am I missing something easy? I have followed the tutorials many times now and no luck.


In Device Toolbar , set the second (output) box to the built-in headphones or speakers, and the third (input) box to the USB Audio CODEC for the Pro-Ject assuming you have connected it to the computer using the USB cable.

Adjust the USB cable so that it is tight both ends. Change the USB cable if the situation does not improve.

If you have connected the Project line-outs to the computer (not recommended for normal usage) then you will have to choose the line-in in the third (input) box of Device Toolbar.