No "Low Rolloff for Speech" preset in 2.3.1

I’ve searched the forum and haven’t found an answer.

I downloaded and installed 2.3.1 yesterday. Under Effect > Equalization, I don’t see “Low Rolloff for Speech” as one of the curve presets.

I’m trying to follow the steps in the Mastering Audiobooks tutorial on the wiki.

Is there another way to invoke those settings when I create a chain?

Thanks in advance. My first post and I’m already bringing trouble. :wink:

I see it on my 2.3.1 installation on my W10 laptop :confused:


ACXMagicMacro.txt (247 Bytes)
Did you get your Audacity from the Official Approved Site? Only the last one or two Audacity versions had Low rolloff for speech.

Read through the forum posting. The first step, Equalization, has some problems that are only mildly annoying as a stand-alone tool, but become very serious when you try to use the Macro.


when I create a chain?

That’s the clue you’re using the wrong Audacity. It’s not called Chains any more.


Thanks, folks. I downloaded from Sourceforge. I’ll get as official an official version as I can find and work with the advice given here.

That explains it. The Sourceforge version is a long way out of date.

Here is the download link on our Website - it takes you to FossHub which now hosts our downloads: