No line indicating the current position in 2.4.2

Dear support,

After upgrading to 2.4.2 on Ubuntu 21.04, I can’t see the vertical line indicating the current position when playing an audio file.
So, I can’t ‘follow’ the position in the played file, that is pretty annoying :slight_smile:

I tried to:

  • delete the ~/.audacity-data/ folder

  • change theme in the appearance settings

But the problem is still there.

Any idea?


If you’re using a Snap of Flatpak build of Audacity, try uninstalling it and install the “apt” version.

If you’re logged into a Wayland session, try logging out an log back in with an xorg session.

Hello Steve,

Bingo, it works with a xorg session!
Is this a bug?
Shall I report it somewhere?


Audacity does not yet fully support Wayland. This is already logged on the Audacity issue tracker, but it probably requires Audacity to be built with WxWidgets 3.1 (which is already stated to be the required version in Audacity’s build instructions), but package maintainers have frequently built Audacity with the wrong version of WxWidgets.