no line in

hi I just got a new computer and im having trouble installing the line in option…the music isn’t going into
the computer…what do I do?my new computer is a dell xps on window 64 bit system.thanks


the music

More words. The music from where? What are you recording? We have to build your system in our heads to figure out what’s wrong.

dell xps

Which one? There are several XPSs.

Are you trying to adapt your show to the little hole in the side of the laptop?

Do you have a USB adapter?

Slightly different machines can have different problems. That and there’s a couple of new Windows 10 problems in the last update.


hi koz I managed to find my line in input…its on the front of my computer and it works ok now…question can you connect a usb cable
from the out puts from the rear of the receiver to the computers usb inputs?