no line in

when I open up audacity Ithese is no line in ir speakers in the little windows at the top.this might be a computer problem but maybe you can give me an idea…thanks


Does your computer have a line-in connection (usually [u]blue on your soundcard[/u])?

…[o]r speakers

Does anything show-up as a Playback Device?

If you have a laptop, you probably have only mono microphone-in and headphone-out and you’ll need to use a USB audio interface with line inputs. Don’t get a regular “USB Soundcard” because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out. (The [u]Behringer UCA202[/u] is popular and inexpensive.)

yeah theres a line in on my sound card I believe I put the wire in but it didn’t list anything…its a regular desk top…


Right click on the Windows speaker icon, then select Recording Devices and check to see if it shows Line-In and that it’s enabled.

If Windows sees it, Audacity should see it. You may have to plug something in to “wake-up” the line input before starting Audacity.

If windows isn’t seeing it, you may have a driver problem.

nevermind thanks

Is the problem solved?
What solved it?

hi the problem is still unsolved…when I went into the line it it said its "not plugged in"when I tried to plug it in it still didn’t work…i only so much patience for this stuff…