No Instruments when recording LP using Behringer UCA222

I am using a Behringer UCA222 and Audacity 3.4.2 to record LP from my stereo to a HP Pavilion Laptop running windows 11. The Behringer Audio inputs are connected to the tape rec outputs of the stereo. I can monitor the audio with headphones at the Behringer so I know I am getting a good signal going into the Berhinger unit.

When I record the track, I see inputs being measured in the record meters, but I am only capturing the vocals , any instruments are missing. I have checked all settings but I don’t see any signal levels when purely instrumental sections are playing. Once I play back the recording all I get is the vocals.

What setting am I missing ?

Make sure Windows Enhancements are turned OFF.

Chat and communication systems assume that any musical, sustained tones are noise and it tries to get rid of them. That works for hum, buzz, hiss, and other electrical noises. Less so for trumpets, guitars, etc.

That’s good troubleshooting, by the way. “Music is perfect leaving the Behringer.”


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