No input jack support in current iMACs

My 6-year old iMAC had an input jack that, with a Male to Male Cable, let you record from playing an external audio player in to it, while the current iMacs don’t have input jack support. Is there a way to input audio from an external recorder, directly into the iMac and Audacity other that by just playing it, which of course would also record background noise?

We were sorry to see Stereo Line-In vanish across the Mac line.
I use and like the Behringer UCA202 stereo SoundCard. It’s good quality and generic and will easily connect to almost anything.

This is one with my stereo mixer.

Other people make similar adapters.


A note. Make sure your adapter says stereo in and out. The ICUSBAUDIO, for one example is Mono Mic-In only, not stereo.