No input from ATLP120XUSB [SOLVED]

Just installed Audacity 2.3.3 to record from my new AT LP 120XUSB turntable and followed the set up process. The recording device comes up as Line (USB Audio Codec) however I am not getting input. Also when I right click on the speaker icon, “recording devices” and “playback devices” do not come up as options on my version of windows10. Appreciate some guidance.

Ensure that you connect the USB device before you launch Audacity.

Problem solved! In none of the tutorials I watched online is it mentioned that when you connect the AT LP120XUSB to the computer using the usb cable that you have change the switch on the back of the turntable from phono to line. Duh!!

:smiley: Glad to hear it was a simple solution. I’ll close this topic as “solved” as imagine that this could be helpful for others that have AT turntables.
Thank you for posting the solution.