No input device showing

Just installed audacity 2.0.2 on Win7 Pro 64-bit pc. In the devices section of preferences it has “no device found”. Right clicked on speaker/recording devices and see 2 microphones and one line in all "not plugged in. I have ticked “show disabled” and “show Disconencted”. Any suggestions what next? I am trying ot record a radio show from BBC iPlayer. I tried running in XP compatabilty mode but same result. I have what is listed as an ATI High Defintion Audio Device.

Thanks Mike

To record sounds that are playing on the computer with Audacity you need to select “Stereo Mix” as the recording input. Not all PCs have a “Stereo Mix” option. If your computer does not have a Stereo Mix option then you will need to use a workaround, such as using Sound Leech. See here for some options: