NO Input Device in Audacity Control Window

Have win 7. and Aud 2.0.2. There is no input device in where there should be one on the Aud control window; even when I change the HOST and OUTPUT device. I have a working sound card. Also, the recording devices shown are only Mic and line in, but I just want to recorder the streaming radio form the internet. Please advise.



See here:

Steve, Thanks Much. Still DOA. no enable device option in my w7 smixer, and the only visible devices are mic, and line in. Still get INPUT DEVICE ERROR on now 5 different programs. Sound leach won’t record either. a real puzzle here. I had AUD. on my XP and it was great. Even Real Player won’t record, yet I have current drivers.

I got sound tap and it works great so it’s going to be $30 so I can record web sounds. but thanks for trying my friend!