No in-line option[SOLVED]

I have a computer that is equipped with Windows 7 believe it to be the home edition. I have installed Audacity 2. 0. 03. When I attempt to set up audacity my input options are limited. There is no “line in” option. There is a Microphone (HP USB media Port R) option, a Microsoft sound mapper option, and a Microphone HD WebCam C – 615. I have a cable connected between my Sony model number Cfd – S 32 which was manufactured in 2000. All the manuals and tutorials assume that there is a “line in” option of mine seems to have disappeared.

I would also like to know how to make a recording without listening to the story. I am attempting to turn cassette audiobooks into CD audiobooks. And it would dilute diminished the effort if I had to listen to the story before I listened to it on the CDs on my commute to work. For the sake of clarity you should know that I know nothing about computers. Thank you for any assistance you provide and I look forward to participating in this form in the future.

Please see these instructions for showing and enabling disabled inputs in Windows 7:
Missing features - Audacity Support .

Turn off Transport > Software Playthrough (on/off) in the Audacity menus.


that link fixed it and i am copying as i write!!!