No headphone audio

Just installed v. 3.1.3. All works well but cannot get audio from my mic input on both record and playback on my headphones. Audio is good on PB, and other audio files from Audacity or from all other audio sources. All other controls on Rec and Playback from mic input work. How can I get audio on my headphones from both REC and Playback from MIC source?? Am using Windows 10 on an HP laptop. Thank you. Andalor1

Check your [u]Recording and Playback Device selections[/u].

Thank you so much, DVDdoug. You are 100% correct. Once I changed my Audio Host from WASAPI to Windows Direct Sound, the audio returned. I would never have thought of that, unless it was a long time from now! My playback audio in the headphones is there, although at a lower volume, but after maxing out the PB volume level, I shall read up on improving the audio PB volume today. I so appreciate your help. You were very kind to get back to me so quickly.