No gain with 3.1.2

I’m using Windows 10, a RODE Procaster and a dbx 286s which I set up according to Julian Kraus’s advice on YouTube. Recording levels were great until I ‘upgraded’ to 3.1.2 and now there seems to be no gain from Audacity - the waveforms are small and the max db I can achieve yelling into the mike is about -18. The track gain slider doesn’t seem to do anything either. If I use the normalize effect the waveform increases but the sound is distorted.

My set-up was perfect, I didn’t have to do anything in Audacity to enhance my voice as that was all done via the 286s. Is there anyway to downgrade back to the previous version? I can’t find it on the download page. Or have I done something stupid that can be fixed?

I am not at all technical I’m afraid so am grateful for any advice

you find older versions here