No frequency waveform, no audible recording after clicking Record

I use Audacity to record from radio broadcasts I listen to online. I’m not using either a microphone or any other input device.
Recordings worked fine under Windows 11 until the latest update I installed, i.e. Audacity 3.4.2, I use Windows WASAPI as the host.
When I click the record button no frequency waveband appears, at first leading me to believe that Audacity is not recording. However, I still need to click the Stop button in order to leave recording mode. I can then “play” the inaudible recording by clicking the record button. So, apparently, a recording is in fact happening, but it is neither visualized in the track nor audible.
Many thanks in advance for your attention to my issue!
NB: This is a repeat post, as my previous one closes tomorrow without any response. I hope that my issue is not so unusual and that somehere someone will have an idea to resolve it. Thank you :slight_smile:

You will need Windows Stereo mixer (in Sound Settings) enabled/installed and set that as your recording device in Audacity.
WASAPI or Windows Direct host should be OK

And keep Transport Input Monitoring OFF