no file dialog when exporting - cannot export

When I record in Audacity or drag an MP3 file into Audacity, I cannot then export this audio file in any format. I do not get the export dialog that allows me to select the destination folder and set the file name. This is for all file types. I have installed LAME and FFmpeg. I am using version 2.3.2 and have just reinstalled it. Windows 10 Pro v-1903 installed on 11/6/2019. This behavior arose after this last Windows update. I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro and this same version of Audacity worked fine in Win 7

Do you have the Export options in the File menu?

yes, all file menu functions are normal and export and export selected are available. But when I select something to export then select export or export selected, in any format (MP3, WAV, or OGG), no file dialog appears and nothing happens.

After clicking on the “File menu > Export”, you need to click one of the sub-menu items.

yes I know, and I do click the sub item, but no file save dialog appears. I just installed the program on Windows 10. It was previously working fine on Windows 7. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times on Windows 10, including deleting the program files folder for Audacity. I have the latest version 2.3.2. But no file save dialog pops up and I cannot export any type of audio file as a result.

I’m not able to reproduce the problem, but I don’t have Windows 10 1903 update.

Are you able to save projects?

No, I cannot save projects either (tried all 4 options). No file dialog opens. Also import fails, no file dialog opens after I select import audio, or labels, or MIDI, or raw data. Page setup gives a popup dialog but print gives an error message dialog. Open fails to open a file dialog. New works. Recent files works. Close seems to work but if I respond to the dialog that asks about saving the project with yes, then nothing more happens - no file dialog appears.

What is the message?

An error occurred during the operation

It would appear that something in your security settings is blocking Audacity from accessing storage.

I am seeing this lack of file dialog also in Audio Editor Pro. So maybe there is something going on with audio files that is stopping the dialog from arising. I googled this and found:
Andre Da CostaReplied on December 29, 2017
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Its a new feature in Windows 10 1709. For users who might be getting that error, here is how you remove.

Open Windows Defender Security Center
Click Virus & threat protection
Click Virus & threat protection settings

Scroll down to Controlled folder access
Toggle it off
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Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem. The setting was already turned off. I even completely disabled Windows Defender. Did not help. Still cannot save any audio files

I found this article which may help you to determine if Windows Defender has blocked Audacity:

The problem with Audio Editor is there because I have not activated the product, so evaluation copy will not save. So probably this is not related to the Audacity issue, unless I need to buy a license for Audacity to allow me to save files. Is that the case?

thank you but it did not help. I have turned off windows defender completely also the firewall. I think it is an audio file security setting somewhere. I tried to save from VLC and MP3 Cutter Joiner and could not. Same problem, no file dialog

Audacity is free. No purchase necessary. (The license terms in full: GNU General Public License v2.0 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation)

I’m not sure that turning off Windows Defender will fix the problem if Windows Defender has already marked the application as blocked. You need to try and find out if Windows Defender has (already) blocked the application.

Turns out my computer does not support Windows 10, it is an HP Elite 3100 built before 2014 and HP will not update the BIOS to support Windows 10. So I reverted back to Windows 7 and now Audacity and other programs work properly. Thanks for all your help and ideas.