No "Export" Option under "File"

Hi all, first post here and it’s a problematic one.

Just recorded a ten-minute podcast to throw together in a video and edit, but there’s no “Export” option under “File.” Any suggestions? Don’t want to have to rerecord it, it’s 1:20 AM and I’m tired.

While we sort this problem out, you could Save the Audacity Project (In the current version of Audacity you will find that in “File menu > Save Project”. Note that saving an Audacity project creates a “project file” (with the file extension “.aup”) and also a data folder (with the same name as the project file but with “_data” added to the end. Both the project file and the data folder are essential parts of the project. They must both exist in the same directory location and you should not manually rename or edit them in any way.

Check which version of Audacity you have (look in “Help > About Audacity”).
The current version is 2.0.3. If you have an older version you can get the current version here:

Instructions for Exporting are here:

The current version of Audacity should be able to open projects created and saved with older versions of Audacity, but if there is any problem it will report the error, in which case, close the project immediately without saving changes and let us know exactly what the error message says.